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Rosbeekcinematech has decades of experience in building custom made products for all types of cinema equipment.

Rosbeekcinematech has a broad and deep knowledge of film and cinema technology. This allows us to be a valuable partner when meeting challenges. Out of our expertise, we can often create appropriate solutions. In addition, we do not avoid out of the box thinking. Moreover, we do not allow ourselves to get discouraged by any technical barriers. Rosbeek Technology can help you make decisions, when it comes to choices for re-development, construction or renovation of your existing systems.

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  • Dual Light Reader

    In the nineties the laboratories and the industry have opted for saving cost and, with benefit to the environment, t...
  • Adjustable lens mount

    Adjustable lens mount for use in 4” lens holder. When projecting shrunken or off-axis film image material, the posit...
  • Filmgate Philips DP 70‏

    The Philips DP70 is considered one of the most beautifully designed projectors ever. Dutch Philips’ engineer Jan Kot...
  • Three blade shutter

    When the first film projectors were put together, in the early history of cinema, people were looking for a compromi...
  • Skate and runner strip Philips FP16

    For the Philips FP16 projectors, Rosbeek Techniek has produced a skate and runner strip from material with same spec...
  • Skate for the Bauer B14 projector

    Runnerstrips or skate for the Bauer B14 projector. Produced from the original material: Celeron....
  • Adjustable lens mount

    To increase the flexibility in use of this lens mount, we can deliver this in a short aswel in a long version...
  • Bauer B apertures

    For the Bauer projectors from the “B”series Rosbeek Techniek has produced apertures from high-quality aluminium....

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